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Which potato varieties are best for baking, boiling, salads and fries

Which potato varieties are best for baking, boiling, salads and fries

Which potato varieties are best for baking, boiling, salads and fries

We often get questions about which variety of potato are best for baking, boiling, salads, fries etc.

Most potatoes are either on the floury or waxy side, but what does that mean? It’s all to do with the levels of starch in them. As a potato grows, sugars in the potato group together and turn into starch. If there are high levels of starch a potato is floury, where-as low levels will be waxy. Because the longer they grow the more starchy they get, young potatoes (picked early) are less starchy and therefore waxy.

Potato Varieties for Cooking

What are the best floury potatoes for cooking?

Floury potatoes are fluffy and dry when cooked making them ideal for chips, crisps and french fries. The most dominant variety in Australia for chips is the Russet Burbank potato.  Most of the chips you buy from fish and chip shops, drive-through take-aways and the frozen section of the supermarket will be Russet Burbank. Here at Agronico we grow thousands of tonnes of Russet Burbank seed potatoes for the processing industry.

Ranger Russet are a close second and Atlantics are grown for crisps as they are the perfect shape and taste for a crunchy crisp.


Atlantic Seed Potatoes

What are the best all-rounder potatoes?

There are 4 contenders here at Agronico. When the team were asked for their favourite all-rounder was there was some conjecture. Sebago’s are a really lovely eating spud and you can use them for boiling, mashing, baking and salads. Desiree is a great red variety that holds together beautifully boiled but is also great for mash and some think it’s the best for gnocchi. Kennebec is a great Tassie spud and is quite excellent for home made chips but also great across mashing, boiling and baking. Brake Light is the little spud that could, we had a chef from Hobart call up asking us about these as he likes to double bake them in duck fat (yum!).

All rounders

Sebago Seed Potatoes

Sebago Seed Potatoes

What are the best waxy potatoes?

Dutch Cream is the queen of potatoes, and is a fantastic potato for salads, mashing and baking. It’s one of our most popular varieties in our home gardener shop and for good reason. Kipfler and La Ratte are both fingerling potatoes and are excellent in potato salads. There is a very famous chef in France – Joël Robuchon that makes the best mashed potatoes in the world using La Rattes.

Pink Eye are famous in Tasmania, particularly one spot near Hobart (South-Arm) where the soil is black and sandy. Locals swear that they are not true Pink Eye’s unless they are grown in this one small part of Tassie. Tasmanian’s all over the state grow or buy these spuds for their Christmas dinners and they are delicious boiled and served with salt and pepper and heaps of butter.

Nicola is another great popular spud. They are well-known for retaining their shape once cooked, which makes them great in salads hot or cold. They are also another good option for gnocchi.


Dutch Cream Potatoes


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