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The coolstore is open!

The coolstore is open!

Yesterday, after 6 months building (and over 8 years in planning) over 60 of our customers, farmers and partners attended the launch of our new state of the art Agronico coolstore in Spreyton Tasmania.

The coolstore will provide us with our own storage facilities and is designed to provide better customer service and support, and enhance our growth strategy.

For customers, our seed potatoes will be better because it can be stored and moved around less; the yields and end product will be superior.

Potatoes will come directly from the paddocks to grading and then to the coolstore where temperature, carbon dioxide levels and humidity will be monitored 24/7 and held at optimum levels. It maximises the opportunity for high quality seed. High quality seed is vital for high yield and therefore valuable for our farmers.

We will continue to invest in infrastructure to support and maximise our capabilities as the leading and only vertically integrated supplier of quality seed potatoes in Australia.

Thanks must go to Bison Contractors and Tolsma.


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