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Stewart McKay

Stewart Mckay


Stewart manages Australia’s only hydroponic minituber production facility, having been intimately involved in the development of the production system over the past 20 years.  Hydroponics gives Stewart a unique opportunity to observe and experiment with the nutritional requirements of each new variety that is introduced.  These insights are then passed to the Field Agronomists to maximise the vigour of Agronico’s seed potatoes.

In addition to managing the minituber production, Stewart is kept busy importing new varieties for various clients, and is qualified to conduct PBR applications for newly imported varieties.

I have been buying seed potatoes from Agronico for close to 10 years. I can produce potato crops averaging 65-70 tonnes p/ha and have had seasons in excess of 75 tonnes p/ha. I enjoy the relationship I have with Agronico and find them very easy to deal with. They keep me in the loop throughout the ordering and delivery process. I have no problems recommending Agronico Seed Potatoes.
Nigel WadeTable Cape Alliance
I have been purchasing Agronico seed for the last 5 years and have found that my potato yields have increased to about 62 t/ha on average. The improvements are a combination of factors including seed quality and I am now more confident of producing good crops of potatoes.  The evenness of Agronico's seed has been a great advantage.
Neil JohnsonPotato Grower
Building Agronico's cool storage facility has been as good as it gets! This large scale project went very smoothly.  The sheer size of this building gave Bison the opportunity to showcase our efficient construction processes while utilizing some of our larger construction equipment.  I must say I admire owner Julian Shaw and his team for this bold move and trust the building serves them well in the future of seed production.
David BissetProject Manager Bison Constructions