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Planting Seed Potatoes

Seed Potato Planting

Using the advantages of Tasmania’s isolation and temperate climate, Agronico plants seed potatoes (G1-G3) in DNA tested ground in the North of Tasmania. We DNA test all our soil using PREDICTA Pt.

At Agronico we carefully select our growing areas and rigorously test for the presence of viruses in each field generation.

Agronico has the ability to isolate its early generation seed sites which enables us to produce seed potatoes with an extremely low risk of virus transfer.

Agronico is committed to improving yields at every stage of the seed potato production and has recently invested in an AVR four row planter. The planter gives us 10% increase in efficiency at seed potato planting and can carry 2.5 tonnes of seed potatoes.

As it’s four rows it reduces compaction to the soil during planting and can help produce a more consistent sized tuber.

Check out our planter in action in November 2017

Planting Seed Potatoes November 2017

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