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Agronico now sell certified seed potatoes in 1kg & 5kg bags across Australia.

As the largest seed potato producer in Australia we provide very large quantities of certified seed potatoes to a range of agribusinesses from small farms to large producers and processors. After numerous requests we can now offer the home gardener an option to purchase our high quality seed year round.

Potatoes are very easy to grow and you’ll be surprised at the very many health benefits when you grow your own. Our certified seed potato varieties are mass production varieties, but there’s a reason they are so popular; they are the easier to grow, have bigger yields and taste amazing.

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Pre-orders available. Russet Burbank is now in stock and ready for dispatch.

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Please note: We can ship to all states except WA due to quarantine protocols. If you are a local North West Coaster feel free to pick-up your spuds from our Factory in Spreyton at 4 Cockers Creek Road, just contact us to arrange a time.

  • Russet Burbank Potato

    Russet Burbank Seed Potatoes

    The Russet Burbank potato is a large potato cultivar with dark brown skin and lots of eyes. Its flesh is white, dry, and mealy, and it is good for baking, mashing, and french fries.

    This product is now in stock.

    $7.50$30.00 Select options
  • Maiflower potato

    Maiflower Seed Potatoes

    A newly introduced commercial cultivar, Maiflower has a slight yellow flesh and is a low glycemic fresh market potato. It is a long season variety which results in high yields.

    In stock May 2020

    $7.50$30.00 Available May 4, 2020.Pre-Order Now
  • Atlantic Potato

    Atlantic Seed Potatoes

    Atlantic is the pre-eminent crisping variety. Tubers (potatoes) are oval to round, yellow with cream flesh.

    $7.50$30.00 Available May 4, 2020.Pre-Order Now
  • Brake Light Seed Potatoes

    Brake Light has red skin and weight flesh. An oval shape, Brake Light is a great multi-use potato for mashing, boiling & roasting.

    NEW VARIETY – In stock May 2020

    $7.50$30.00 Available May 4, 2020.Pre-Order Now
  • Kipfler Seed Potatoes

    La Ratte Seed Potatoes

    La Ratte potato is a small potato with a unique nutty flavour and smooth, buttery texture. Similar to the Kipfler, this potato is over 100 years old and comes from France.

    NEW VARIETY – In stock May 2020

    $10.50$40.00 Available May 4, 2020.Pre-Order Now
  • Sebago Seed Potatoes

    Sebago Seed Potatoes

    A long to oval shaped all-rounder with white flesh and skin that’s common in supermarkets. Sebago is an all-purpose potato due to its medium starch content. This potato is great for boiling, mash, roasting, baking, chips and mash.

    In stock May 2020

    $7.50$30.00 Available May 4, 2020.Pre-Order Now
  • Kipfler

    Kipfler Seed Potatoes

    The Kipfler seed potato is a small elongated potato with a nutty buttery taste ideal for salads and great for baking and boiling.

    $10.50$40.00 Available May 4, 2020.Pre-Order Now
  • Dutch Cream

    Dutch Cream Seed Potatoes

    The queen of potatoes! They’re a large waxy oval potato with yellow flesh, thin skin and a rich, buttery taste. They make gorgeous mash or are equally delicious boiled, roasted, baked and pureed.

    In stock May 2020

    $7.50$30.00 Available May 4, 2020.Pre-Order Now
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