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Planting Notes for Seed Potatoes

Planting Notes for Seed Potatoes

At Agronico our certified seed starts as tissue in our lab. it’s transferred to our hydroponic minituber facility and grown out by us for 3 generations in Tasmania before it comes to you.


If you are purchasing our seed potatoes from late March/April/May they have just been harvested and will be in their dormancy period. Dormancy length is different for each variety and so check here for details on each variety’s dormancy.

Dormant seed potatoes should be stored outside in a cool dry place ideally 2-5 degrees C. A gardener’s shed would be ideal, but make sure it’s free from rats and mice.  

Potatoes are living things that use oxygen to respire, as we do. So they emit carbon dioxide and there will be a build up in the unopened packs, so make sure you open them up once you receive your bags.


If you’ve received larger tubers, you can cut your seed potatoes to increase the amount of seed pieces. The cut seed should weigh approximately 50 – 65 grams. When cutting ensure that each seed piece has at least one eye, two is better. It is best to cut your seed 2 weeks before planting to ensure that the wound can heal.

Ground prep

Growing fresh potatoes straight from your own vegetable garden can be very satisfying.

At Agronico we prepare the ground for large hectares of potatoes, but our ground prep can be followed in the home garden.

Remove all the weeds and dig the site thoroughly and deeply, lifting out large stones and incorporating plenty of well-rotted organic matter and high-potash fertiliser a few months prior to planting.

Your plot should be in full sun on fertile and well drained soil. Potatoes don’t like to sit in wet soil. Never grow potatoes in the same soil to avoid disease.


Planting Seed Potatoes

Dig a 10cm trench about and place the seed potatoes into the soil. Space the potatoes 20-30cm apart. Fill the trench with soil to cover the potatoes and, if required, scatter potato fertiliser along the top of the trench.


Every 2 weeks push some soil over the top of the shoots to encourage better growth and protect the young plants. Keep water up to them but ensure you don’t waterlog them. When your potato plants start to flower it means the plant is mature enough and has enough leaf area to start forming tubers. It takes weeks after that to mature, so don’t harvest just yet.  


Potatoes need 12-16 weeks of growing before they are ready for harvest. The tops of the plant will start to wither. After they are dug, dry them and store them in a dark, dry, cold place. Some varieties like Russet Burbank or Kennebec will store better than others (Kipfler) so make sure you plant a few different varieties.

It’s always a good idea to use gloves or wash hands after handling seed potatoes.

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