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Harvesting our seed potatoes

Harvesting our seed potatoes

It’s harvest time at Agronico and the team are working overtime to ensure we are harvesting seed potatoes from the paddock into the coolstore as quickly as possible. The new AVR twin row harvester has been a hit with a huge increase in efficiency achieved. Barry and the team are currently harvesting upwards of 300 tonnes a day. By the 8th May we will have harvested over 10,000 tonnes. On our best day we were able to harvest 350 tonnes.

The significant investment that we have made in the last 12 months has definitely been a major part of our successful harvest. This commenced with the completion and opening of the seed potato coolstore in Spreyton. Later in 2017 we purchased a four-row planter and twin-row harvester to increase productivity and minimise damage to the potatoes at planting and now harvest. In late March we also completed work on three massive canopied hoppers at the factory which has assisted in minimising downtime from rain and impact to the potatoes from rain.

By completing the harvest more efficiently than previously we are reducing damage to the seed potatoes and getting them from paddock through grading and into the coolstore in record time. This can only be a positive for the quality of the seed potatoes.

To give you an idea of our process, check out our harvesting video from a few weeks ago.

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