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Harvest wrap-up and Agfest

Harvest wrap-up and Agfest

On the 18th March we started the busiest part of our year. Within 6 weeks we harvested in excess of 6,000 tonnes of seed potatoes all before the weather turned.

With a dedicated team and equipment Agronico is able to harvest upwards of 300 tonnes a day.

By completing the harvest more efficiently than previously we are reducing damage to the seed potatoes and getting them from paddock through grading and into the coolstore in record time. This can only be a positive for the quality of the seed potatoes.

Seed Potato Harvest

Have a look at our harvest video here to watch our full process.

Sales are open for this year for both our farmers and our home gardeners and we have seen high demand for all our varieties.

Coolstore & Factory Update

We have recently added a second downloading line, so ongoing we will can provide a range of customers with downloading and size grading capability for potatoes, seed potatoes and onions.

Agfest in the field 2021

We teamed up with the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association and joined them at Agfest this year. Although crowds were down due to Covid restrictions we had some great chats with both farmers and home gardeners about our seed potatoes.


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