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The Coolstore

Agronico runs the most technologically advanced seed potato coolstore in Tasmania.

The potato coolstore is constantly monitored and recorded for changes in temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels  using innovative coolstore technology from Tolsma Grisnich.

The coolstore has the capacity to store over 14,000 tonnes of seed potatoes with 18 sections of 800 tonnes each. Specially designed aeration systems allow fresh air to be circulated through each section, discharging CO2 and keeping the potatoes alive.

A large drive-through corridor down the centre means trucks can be loaded under cover if needed.

The coolstore is right next to the company’s grading and cutting lines, which has improved efficiency.

How the Tolsma System Works

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Onion Coolstore

The coolstore is also available at certain times of the year to store Onions for Agronico and other agribusinesses in Tasmania.

Please contact us to discuss your onion storage requirements

Vegetable Coolstore.

Agronico are currently building an additional eight rooms to the coolstore which will be completing in May 2019.

Four of the new rooms will have different temperature controls required for vegetables other than potatoes, such as berries, broccoli, hops and carrots.

Please contact us to discuss your 2019 storage requirements

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