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Agronico operates its own state of the art grading potato factory & coolstore for receiving and grading the seed potato to ensure the seed provided to the customer meets required specifications.

Potatoes are transported directly from the paddock to the factory and are identified then automatically weighed every box at the door. Grading and boxing is then completed immediately to reduce damage to the potatoes.

Agronico uses cloud based solutions to track the process from planting to sale including agronomy, harvesting and transport.

Once boxed, the potatoes are transferred to the coolstore, which is constantly monitored and recorded for changes in temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels.

The coolstore has the capacity to store over 8,000 tonnes of seed potatoes with 10 sections of 800 tonnes each. Specially designed aeration systems allow fresh air to be circulated through each section, keeping the potatoes alive.

A large drive-through corridor down the centre means trucks can be loaded under cover if needed.

The coolstore is right next to the company’s grading and cutting lines, which will improve efficiency.

Agronico also provide a seed potato cutting service, with both pre-cutting and spring cutting options available.

The factory is situated minutes from the seaport of Devonport where export all around Australia can be arranged.

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The Factory Team

Les Ollington
Les Ollington
Operations Manager
Jamie Keay
Jamie Keay
Factory Manager
Matthew Rimon
Matthew Rimon
Cool Store Logistics
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