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Seed potatoes

Are Agronico's seed potatoes free from infections and pests?

Agronico is the only vertically integrated seed potato producer in Australia and is able to manage the entire process from tissue culture plantlets through to seed potatoes and storage. This means Agronico can work on virus and pest protection at every stage of potato production to ensure the highest quality.

We DNA test all our soil using the Predicta Pt test and have the ability to isolate early generation seed sites. This enables us to produce seed potatoes with an extremely low risk of virus transfer. Our practice is to virus test all our seed sites before harvest, receiving seed that is of the best possible quality.

Where are Agronico’s seed potatoes planted?

Utilising the advantages of Tasmania’s isolation and temperate climate, Agronico’s seed is grown on  DNA pathogen-tested ground in the central north and northwest of Tasmania, selected to be free of many of the pathogens that can affect seed quality.

Which potato varieties does Agronico offer?

Agronico holds over 150 potato varieties from around the world, managed in our VICSPA-accredited laboratory in northwest Tasmania.

For our G3-G4 seed potatoes, we typically grow around 10 varieties; Russet Burbank, Ranger Russet, Maiflower, Nicola, Atlantic, Dutch Cream, Kennebek, Kipfer, Sebago and a range of private varieties. Please visit our varieties page to find out more about these varieties – we update this page regularly or give us a call as we are always looking to plant more.

When is the cut-off for ordering seed potatoes for 2019 planting?

Agronico offers a first-come first-served basis for all our seed potatoes. We provide all our varieties in stock on the website and keep this up to date.

Are you able to source genetics?

Yes, we work with a number of international breeders to import genetics on a confidential basis.

Factory and Coolstore

How big is each coolstore room?

Each room in the coolstore can store just over 800 tonnes of seed potatoes.

Can you store anything other than seed potatoes?

Yes we can, the Tolsma technology allows us to change the settings for each room. Currently we are storing onions and can also accommodate vegetables such as broccoli and carrots.

Can you export potatoes to the mainland?

The Federal Government provides a freight equalisation scheme which reduces the cost of transporting seed potatoes between Tasmanian and mainland Australia. This means we have a very competitive rate to the mainland.

Example freight cost

Ballarat/Gippsland VIC – $59/T ex GST
Bathurst, NSW – $125/T ex GST
Virginia, SA – $125/T ex GST
Gatton, QLD –  $195/T ex GST
Bundaberg, QLD – $245/T ex GST
Why is your coolstore the most technical advanced potato coolstore in Australia?

The coolstore opened in July 2017 and is using Tolsma cooling technology. The coolstore is constantly monitored and recorded for changes in temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels. Specially designed aeration systems allow fresh air to be circulated through each section, keeping the potatoes aerated.

Already we are noticing that the coolstore technology is eliminating the surface water on the potatoes.

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