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FAQs for Home Gardeners

FAQs for Home Gardeners

Frequently Asked Questions

Seed potatoes

Are Agronico's seed potatoes free from infections and pests?

Agronico is the only vertically integrated seed potato producer in Australia and is able to manage the entire process from tissue culture plantlets through to seed potatoes and storage. This means Agronico can work on virus and pest protection at every stage of potato production to ensure the highest quality.

We DNA test all our soil using the Predicta Pt test and have the ability to isolate early generation seed sites. This enables us to produce seed potatoes with an extremely low risk of virus transfer. Our practice is to virus test all our seed sites before harvest, receiving seed that is of the best possible quality.

Agronico consistently supplies seed free from viruses such as PVY, which is a significant problem in many potato growing areas in Australia.

Why should I buy certified seed potatoes?

Because certified seed potatoes have to meet very high standards of freedom from viruses and diseases and soil borne diseases.

Certification ensures the propagation of high yielding, high quality seed lines, and is essential for the maintenance of a sustainable potato industry.

It limits the build-up of diseases within seed lines and allows the movement of seed potatoes across state and national boundaries.

Where are Agronico’s seed potatoes planted?

Utilising the advantages of Tasmania’s isolation and temperate climate, Agronico’s seed is grown on  DNA pathogen-tested ground in the central north and northwest of Tasmania, selected to be free of many of the pathogens that can affect seed quality.

Which potato varieties does Agronico offer?

Agronico holds over 150 potato varieties from around the world, managed in our AUSPICA-accredited laboratory in northwest Tasmania.

For our G3-G4 seed potatoes, we typically grow around 10 varieties; Russet Burbank, Ranger Russet, Nicola, Atlantic, Dutch Cream, Kennebec, Kipfer, La Ratte, Pink Eye, Sebago and a range of private varieties. We have some of these varieties available for home gardeners along with some new varieties for 2022. Please visit our home gardeners page for more info.

Do you have fingerling seed potatoes?

Yes, we have two varieties of fingerling seed potatoes. The popular Kipfler seed potato and our new variety La Ratte a very old French variety which is absolutely delicious.

When is the cut-off for ordering seed potatoes for 2022 planting?

Agronico runs a speciality potato cool store and can store seed potatoes for much longer than regular seed potato providers. We offer seed potatoes most of the year starting in May and ending in mid March. Some varieties may sell out before March, but there will always be varieties available.  We provide all our varieties in stock on the website and keep this up to date.

When should I plant seed potatoes?

Potatoes are quite easy to grow. In most states the best time to plant seed potatoes is after the threat of frost is over. If you don’t have any frost August is a great time. Down here in Tasmania we won’t plant ours until mid October. If you’re in NSW or QLD you can have a second planting of seed potatoes in March/April. We may have stock available in February (depending on demand) that is ready to plant at this time. It has been held in our technically advanced coolstores since our harvest in May the year prior and will be ready to plant when you receive it.  Check out our planting notes for more information.

Do I need to chit seed potatoes?

It all depends on whether they are still in dormancy or not. Check your dormancy length, we harvest our potatoes in April and then they go into cool storage. If dormancy is exceeded then no you won’t need to chit them, if there are already sprouts then plant them straight away. If dormancy isn’t exceeded and there are no sprouts and you would like to chit them then keep them in a warm place and plant once they have sprouted to 5-10 mm.

How much room do I need?

1kg on average contains around 4-5 seed potatoes (depending on variety). You can cut the seed potatoes if you wish which will give you around 10-12 (make sure each piece has an eye on it). Plant in rows 90cm apart and within each row plant the seed potato 30cm apart. So for 1kg you’re looking at around a 3 square metre plot. Check out our planting notes for more information.

How many potatoes should I get from a 2kg bag?

The average yield is around 10 times, so if you plant 2kg you should be getting 20kg worth of potatoes.

Why should I buy from Agronico?

We are a family owned and operated Tasmanian business that employs 20 full time staff and provides up to 20 jobs for casuals during the harvest and planting seasons. We have been operating for over 35 years. Julian Shaw our Founder believed that solving problems through research and development is the most important part of this business and he invested into this for over 20 years. Potatoes were his life! His legacy will continue on with his passionate and loyal staff and family!

Pre-orders, Payment & Shipping

Can I pre-order your seed potatoes?

No, we only stop selling our varieties for 6-7 weeks each year during our busy harvest. We stop mid March and open again in May. If you join our mailing list an email is sent out when our new varieties are available for purchase.

How can I pay?

For our home gardener varieties we offer payment via PayPal or through Stripe with your credit card. You can checkout of PayPal without an account just check the pay with a card button.

What do we ship?

All our in stock seed potatoes are available for shipping.

When do we ship?

We ship items out once a week on Tuesdays, orders must be in by Monday 5pm to hit the cut-off. In general please allow up to 5 days for processing of your order.

Where do we ship?

We ship across Australia except for Western Australia which has current quarantine restrictions on seed potato.

How do we ship?

For our smaller orders we ship using Australia Post and times vary based on location. If you are unable to receive at your delivery address and your potatoes are sent to the local post office, please make sure you pick up ASAP as they can deteriorate if left for a few days and we will be unable to replace.

For larger orders (over 20kg and under 1 tonne) we get a quote from one of our freight contractors for you. Please email us at for a quote.

For our larger orders (over 1 tonne) we use our freight contractor. Read more about this here.

What are your shipping rates?

We ship based on weight and location through Australia Post’s e-parcel service up to 20kg.

If you require any larger quantities please contact us for a quote.

Can I pick up my stock if I live in the North West Coast of Tasmania?

If you live near our Factory & Coolstore in Spreyton Tasmania you are welcome to pick-up your order. Please pick this option in the checkout (only available for Tasmanian addresses).

Do you have a returns policy?

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our seed potatoes. If you are unhappy with the quality of our 2kg & 5kg seed potatoes you order online, please contact us within 3 days of receipt of the potatoes with the specifics (photos of the breakdown of the potatoes) and we will endeavour to replace them. Please make sure you following the planting guide and remember that if you are ordering from Late March – May our potatoes have just been harvested and will be dormant.  Check out the dormancy for each variety.

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