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We’re planting our seed potatoes this month

We’re planting our seed potatoes this month

This week our field team started planting seed potatoes (G1-G3) in DNA tested ground in the North of Tasmania. We DNA test all our soil using PREDICTA Pt. Reports are that the soil is very friable.

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Agronico is committed to improving yields at every stage of the seed potato production and has recently invested in an AVR four row planter. The planter will give us a 10% increase in efficiency at planting and can carry 2.5 tonnes of seed potatoes.  The AVR will plant 80% of our seed potatoes this year.

As well as increasing the efficiency of planting (which helps to balance cost increases in other areas) this planter will ensure more consistent tuber size for our customers.


Along with our team and the AVR, we have a fantastic contractor Joe Cook who bring another 5 tractors. The process of planting involves both team in the paddock;

  • Jeff on rippers
  • Bec on the Grimmer clod smasher
  • Roger putting down the fertiliser
  • Ben planting with the AVR planter
  • Adrian filling the planter with setts
  • A further tractor with a rotary hoe on it

Planting will finish up at the end of November.

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