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Agronico is a major producer of seed potatoes for the processing industry in Australia. We can provide you with "closed loop" seed directly to your farm. Find out more We now sell 1kg & 5kg Seed Potatoes for Home Gardeners. Home Gardeners Shop Check out our available varieties View Varieties Home Gardeners Shop Tasmania's technologically sophisticated coolstore grows Find out more We sell minitubers
VICSPA accredited laboratory and research capacity
Multiplication of specialist varieties
Agronico accelerates growth with Australia’s most technically sophisticated seed potato cool store in Spreyton Tasmania Find out more


Agronico is committed to producing quality minitubers in our tissue culture laboratory and hydroponic minituber production facility

Seed Potatoes


Field multiplication of seed potatoes is managed using our specialist agronomy and project management teams.



Agronico operates its own state of the art factory and coolstore for receiving, grading and storing of seed potatoes. 

The leading seed potato producer in Australia

As the only vertically integrated seed producer, Agronico’s seed starts from tissue culture plantlets and are transferred to a hydroponic minituber production facility. These minitubers are planted in nutrient rich, DNA tested soil in the central north and northwest of Tasmania to produce G1 seed which are then propagated on to produce G3-G4 seed potatoes. In March/April each year they are harvested, graded and stored in our state of the art coolstore prior to delivery across Australia.

Agronico employs 17 full-time employees, 3 part-time employees, over 15 casuals, and produces over a quarter of a million minitubers and 9,000 tonnes of seed potatoes annually for chips, crisps and fresh markets across Australia.

With a state of the art factory and coolstore recently opened, Agronico is well positioned to increase varieties and quantities into the future.

Our services

With over 30 years experience Agronico offers:

Hydroponic minituber potatoes
High quality seed potatoes
Cutting & Grading services
Coolstore services for seed potatoes & onions
Coolstore services for other vegetables & fruit
Online seed potato sales for home gardeners
Crop management services
Research and development
On-farm research
Technical advice to agri-business and individual farmers

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Some varieties available all year round

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