Agronomic advice with extensive experience in onions, brussel sprouts, broccoli, carrots, green beans, peas and potatoes.



We operate our own tissue culture laboratory and hydroponic minituber production facility

Seed Potatoes


Field multiplication of seed potatoes is managed using our specialist agronomy and project management teams.

Independent agronomic advice & research

For over 30 years we have been providing:

Technical advice to agri-business and individual farmers
Virus free seed potatoes
Specialist potato tuber technology and supply
Disease-resistant onion varieties
Crop management services
Natural resource management
Research and development
On-farm research

About us

Agronico was formed in 1985 by agronomist Julian Shaw (BAgrSc) who identified the need for independent agronomy advice. Agronico began as a consultancy business, providing advice to growers, but early on there was a noticeable need for a research division to solve technical problems.

In 1997 Agronico’s R&D team started running trials on hydroponic potatoes. These trials indicated the method had the potential to improve the efficiency of potato propagation. These trials were supported in 2001 with an AusIndustry grant for innovation. Another major AusIndustry supported research project looked at developing processes for production of high quality predictable seed potato tubers, which formed the bases for the development of a successful seed potato production business.

Today, Agronico employs 10 full-time employees, over 15 casual employees, and produces nearly a quarter of a million minitubers and 10,000 tonnes of seed potatoes annually for chips, crisps and fresh markets across Australia.

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